The Crime Of Aggression Under The Rome Statute Of The International Criminal Court Cambridge Studies In International And Comparative Law -

amazon com the crime of aggression under the rome statute - the crime of aggression under the rome statute of the international criminal court cambridge studies in international and comparative law reprint edition, international criminal law wikipedia - international criminal law is a body of public international law designed to prohibit certain categories of conduct commonly viewed as serious atrocities and to make perpetrators of such conduct criminally accountable for their perpetration the core crimes under international law are genocide war crimes crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression, commentary rome statute part 3 case matrix network - 3 this article shall not affect the characterization of any conduct as criminal under international law independently of this statute article 22 3 acknowledges that the nullum crimen principle in article 22 does not affect customary international law and that it applies only to the definitions of crimes in the rome statute broomhall in triffterer 2008 p 719 this third subparagraph, outreach debate how can the icc improve its outreach - argument the international criminal court icc is a legal institution that affirms the rights of individual persons and imposes obligations on other individuals including state actors to respect these rights or face prosecution in my opinion few americans outside of legal circles know about the icc the few that do may think of it as a failed institution1 and perhaps even know that its, implementation mechanisms how does law protect in war - introductory text the general mechanisms of international law to ensure respect and to sanction violations are even less satisfactory and efficient regarding international humanitarian law ihl than they are for the implementation of other branches of international law in armed conflicts they are inherently insufficient and in some cases even counter productive, the story of the committee of 300 jah home page - conspirators hierarchy the story of the committee of 300 by dr john coleman is reproduced here with the permission of the publisher american west publishers