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greatest hits billy joel albums wikipedia - billy joel s greatest hits is a collection released in two sets 12 years apart the first set consisting of two discs titled volume i and volume ii was released in 1985 the second single disc titled volume iii was released in 1997 you re only human second wind and the night is still young were new songs and at the time only available on this compilation, radio technology encyclopedia britannica britannica com - radio technology radio technology transmission and detection of communication signals consisting of electromagnetic waves that travel through the air in a straight line or by reflection from the ionosphere or from a communications satellite learn more about the history development and principles of radio technology in this article, loud commercials federal communications commission - federal communications commission fcc or commission rules require commercials to have the same average volume as the programs they accompany, volume definition of volume by the free dictionary - volume to calculate the volume of a cube multiply the length of an edge of the cube by itself twice the volume of this cube is 125 cubic feet vol ume v l yo om y m n 1 a a collection of written or printed sheets bound together a book b one of the books of a work printed and bound in more than one book c a series of issues of a, mla format examples of mla works cited - need study notes on the most popular novels and plays see our study guide page for a comprehensive list to help you be more prepared and organised academically while you may wish to consult a general reference source like a comprehensive encyclopedia for background information avoid using and citing such resources in documented literary papers, galaxy encyclopedia britannica britannica com - galaxy galaxy any of the systems of stars and interstellar matter that make up the universe many such assemblages are so enormous that they contain hundreds of billions of stars virtually all galaxies appear to have been formed soon after the universe began and they pervade all space that is viewable by modern telescopes